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June 25, 2023 Tornado Recovery and Cleanup

Woody Debris Cleanup

Beginning Friday, June 29, Johnson County will be utilizing contractors to remove roadside woody debris within the Local Disaster Emergency Declaration Area.  Please see the June 27 press release for details.  Unfortunately the County's contractors will not be able to enter private property to assist with debris cleanup or bringing debris to the road.

The overall Declaration Area has been divided into three (3) sub-areas, with one contractor assigned to each sub-area as follows.

Link: Contracted Woody Debris Removal Area Map

Area A - SavATree

Area B - Freedom Enterprise LLC

Area C - Prestige LLC

The contractors will be taking several trips through each sub-area over the next few weeks in order to allow enough time for residents to gather woody debris and bring it to the roadway.  Given the amount of woody debris left in the wake of this storm, it may take some time for the contractors to complete a pass through each area.  We appreciate your patience as our contractors work diligently to assist with the storm cleanup.  Please place any woody debris next to the road, but not on the pavement in order to avoid creating safety hazards for vehicles traveling along the road.  Woody Debris must be separated from other damage debris, such as construction materials, in order to be picked up by our contractor.

Dumpsters Provided for Other Debris

(Updated 7/24/2023)

As of July 24, 2023, all dumpsters provided by County Government have been removed.  Removal of any remaining non-woody debris will need to be coordinated with your garbage provider, or insurance company if necessary.

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